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Cost of Driving Lessons

Below you will find all of our driving packages at Crowfoot Drivers Education, to book your lessons please fill out our registration form here

Let us help get you on the open road. Pickup and drop-off at your home!!!

Empty Road

Basic Package (Full Certificate)

This package includes a 15 hour online course or Classroom teaching and a 10 hours practical teaching behind the wheel. Once complete, you will receive an insurance certificate for a reduction on your insurance premiums. You must pass online/classroom course with 80% and in car with 75% to be illegible. We can you up from home/school or work and drop you off wherever required.



2hr Brush Up

This lesson is for students who already have a good grasp of driving skills, but need to brush up on their skills to prepare for a road test. Typically booked on the same day or day before a students test. The student will get a refresher on all parking skills and road safety rules. Perfect also for Winter Driving!!! Pick up and drop off from door to door is available.



10 hr Behind the Wheel
(Non Certificate)

This package is for 10hrs in car training only. These would be in 5-2 Hr lessons, you will not receive a certificate for this course. 75% is the passing grade. Pick up and drop off from door to door is available.



4hr Behind the Wheel

This lesson will consist 2- 2 hr sessions. With students that may require more brush up time to learn the required skills to pass a road test. This is especially needed if the student has been out out practice for a while,  or wanting to do Winter driving lessons!!!



Extended Package
(Full Certificate)

This package is for drivers with very little to no driving experience whatsoever. It will include

20 hrs of training in car and a 15 hour online course or classroom teaching. A certificate will be issued with this course providing student passes 75% in car and 80% online/classroom. Pick up and drop off from door to door is available.


Road Test Rental

This package is used to help students use a car they familiar with. If the student has done all their lessons in a similar car, they can feel more confident on their road test. Car available is a 2013 Honda Civic. Please call 403-903-0224 and check availability, and is usually booked back to back with a brush up lesson or a students final in car lesson.  Car will be booked for 1.5 Hours since test length is 45 minutes.



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