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Christmas/New Year Special

$100 off main packages!!!

Plus bonus Pen set offer for new registrants in December!!!


$100 off main packages!!!

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Crowfoot Drivers Education

We are a new school, but we have been teaching Calgary driving lessons in the area for over 3 years. We service the Calgary NW/NE quadrants of the city and the town of Cochrane.  Now offering winter driving lessons!


We also operate in Airdrie as Airdrie Drivers Academy

What our clients say...


I took the online course and spent 10 hours driving with Mr. Rourke. This is an excellent driving school and the instructors are very skilled at teaching.

Andy Reimer

Went hunting and trusted the online reviews on this. My son had a great experience  -- Mr. Rourke the driving instructor obviously did a great job as he passed both the driving school test (online) and his driving portion and then sailed through the gov't driving test as well. We used their car for the gov't test as well -- all worked out seamlessly. Well done. I highly recommend. Great value and professional.


The lessons were very helpful, and it improved my driving a ton. I did 10 hours with Mr. Rourke, and it was a very good experience!

Driving Scool Calgary
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